<< “Between silence and screeching” is how Kristia Michael describes her new programme, SONGS FROM THE GARDEN. The soloist, equally experienced in medieval and contemporary vocal repertoire, presents several world premieres and reinterprets 21st-century music drawing inspiration from medieval ritual aesthetics.>>


I. The artist​

Kristia Michael is an amazing young early music vocalist and multimedia artist, having a unique and poetic way to approach vocal and ambient sound, as also electronic sound and sound spaces.

II. The personality

The romantic determinism combined with a kind of a medieval expressionism, the thirst of a young existence to live, the collective pain, the lost of love.

this feeling that god had Abandoned us in our burning forests, this need to exist without any commitments, the need to touch the blue of an August day, the emptiness of the meta historical experiences, this lost of concrete manners.

Dressed her in black sounds dressed her in black

and I see her as she sings alone and screaming towards the black cold space of eternity.

~words by the composer Andreas Moustoukis




7/9/19 SEPT «Night Tales» with the pianist Anita Tomasevich | St. Catherine Catholic Church (Limassol), Holy Cross Catholic Cathedral (Nicosia) , St Mary of Graces (Larnaca)

21 OCTOBER «Summoning of the Muse» with Sibil•la Ensemble at Amare (NL)

7 NOVEMBER. Performance of ÆR I and II at Dom Radio (RU) curated by reMusic.org and St Petersburg Sound Museum

7 – 14 NOVEMBER Recording sessions with Alex Mastichiadis. Works by Yannis Kyriakides, Nirantar Yakthumba and Kristia Michael.

21 NOVEMBER Premiere of «Lost Paradise» by Nikos Galenianos at KORZO (NL)




16 JANUARY Performance at Metaal Kathedraal (NL) with Sibil•la Ensemble, in the honour of Hildegard von Bingen.

3 JUNE Performance at Orgelpark with premieres by the composers Amarante Nat and Nirantar Yakthumba.

17 JUNE «Beat Furrer is in love with Hildegard» performance with Nieuw Amsterdams Peil ensemble at Dag in de Branding. Works by Hildegard von Bingen, Yannis Kyriakides, Andys Skordis, Samir TimajChi and Beat Furrer.




20 JANUARY «Night Tales» with the pianist Anita Tomasevich at Orgelpark (Amsterdam, NL)

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