«Now we send you this message» (2021) by Yannis Kyriakides  

Premiere at Dom.Radio 18.11.2021

bass clarinet Georgy Mansurov, violin Eugeniy Subbotin , viola Irina Sopova, cello Olga Dyomina, contrabass Carlos Navarro Herrero.

The source of this text is a letter written in 1426 by the Mamluk Sultanate Barsbay to King Janus, the Lusignan ruler of Cyprus. It represents the moment the Lusignan rule in Cyprus had come to an end, almost certainly due to their arrogance and hubris.

The Lusignan court had produced a treasure trove of Ars Subtilior music, the French-Cypriot Codex (MS. Torino J.II.9). Ballads from the manuscript are encoded into musical fragments, played by the string quartet while the text is sung in Greek.

«SHE…NEN» (2021) by Andys Skordis

Premiere at Dom.Radio 18.11.2021

violin Eugeniy Subbotin , viola Irina Sopova, cello Olga Dyomina, contrabass Carlos Navarro Herrero, gong Georgy Mansurov.

SHE…NEN («Abyss» in Japanese) explores a rite of passages, from fragility into intensity and to a state of catharsis. The whole ritual resembles an erotic procedure that one enters and explores. Ends with a conclusion or a beginning of a new cycle.

«Lotófagos I» (2006) by Beat Furrer

Performed at Dom.Radio 18.11.2021, double bass Carlos Navarro Herrero.

“We were in a desert surrounded by our own image which we did not recognize. We had lost our memory.” 

Lotófagos (Lotus eaters) alludes to the companions of Odysseus, who ate lotus in order to forget. The text by José Angel Valente set to music here is about lost memory […] Forgotten are thus sorrow, joy and the knowledge of death, that which first gives birth to the human conception of time. The desert is the place and the symbol of not remembering, an “other” state, which can be paraphrased in so many ways: as the alien, oblivion, nonbeing, death.

~words by Marie Luise Maintz

«Unknown» (2021) by Samir TimajChi

Premiere at Dom.Radio 18.11.2021

contrabass Carlos Navarro Herrero

We already made so many identities’ masks to marginalize ourselves through history. These borders are killing the empathetic and sympathetic feelings with which we somehow see humans. They are drowning, wailing for the last hope, and waiting for someone to offer a hand. In the very slow tempo that shows the strong gravity of last moment’s life, the bombards of sounds grab into so many temporary and unstable materials for saving a life.

~words by the composer

Lob der Ferne

Blacker in black, am I more naked. Apostate only am I true. I am you, when I am I.

~ Paul Celan

«Gegenlicht» by Andreas Moustoukis,

bass clarinet Panagiotis Sioras, Φ Faos Ensemble (GR).

Hildegard von Bingen (1098- 1179) , Sibyl of the Rhine

O vis aeternitatis ~A responsory for the Creator and Redeemer.

vielle Andrew Hopper Sibil•la Ensemble (NL)


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